Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's the ice cream cone's birthday!

I feel like celebrating and what better thing to celebrate than the the birth of the ice cream cone! It was introduced in the 1908 St Louis Exposition Apparently George Bang was selling ice cream and ran out of bowls so he used waffle pastry instead and so the waffle cone was born. I don't know what 'd do without ice cream, whether it's in a cone or a bowl  It just makes life seem that much better. Plus, as you can see below, cones can also be fun when they're shared! :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Even pavements can smile!

As a follow up on my last post about finding happiness in small things, for a while now there's been a smiley face drawn on the pavement by my apartment. (As shown in the picture below.) When I first saw it I thought it was a chalk drawing that would rub off quite quickly. However, the drawing has stayed in place. It makes me smile to see it every day and it motivates me to keep a smile on my face and do my best  not to let anyone stamp it out!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Maggie finds a little bit of happiness in strawberries

I bought some strawberries the other day on impulse. (because sometimes impulse buying is the best, albeit in very limited and fairly inexpensive spurts!) Anyway, I don't get strawberries that often but there was a sale on and they're a purchase I'm really glad I made because they're sweet, juicy and just plain lovely. Even if it's only for a short period of time, the fact that I can come home and have a couple of strawberries is a rather nice feeling for me. It's yet another small thing that contributes to making my day just that much happier. I like finding happiness in small things because I believe they contribute to a greater sense of happiness. Just having that little boost of morale is enough to make me feel good inside. So I resolve to look for the happiness in small things because a little boost of morale is always worth it!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

If I could be in one of those good old movies...

I love movies especially ones that are older (e.g. made before the 2000s) and it got me thinking about movies I'd like to have been in. I wrote the poem because it's fun to imagine about things. Who knows, maybe one day I'll really make it to the big screen but until then at least I can dream and dreams are nice things to have.

If I Could Be In An Old Movie

If I could be in an old movie
An "oldie but goodie" of course
I'd love to dance and sing in the rain
Wear ruby slippers and fly with E.T.
And fight with pirates and beat them too!

I think it would be fun to save the world with James Bond
Or realize how wonderful life can be alongside George Bailey
Maybe even eat breakfast with Audrey at Tiffiany's
All the while solving one of Hitchcock's mysteries
And riding round in mini coopers with Michael Caine, stealing stuff in Italy

Now we come to cartoons-my favorite kind of flick
I'd like to be the mouse Jerry because he's smart and quick
I wouldn't mind teaching the Beast to dance or listen with Mary Poppins to penguins singing
It would also be nice to be sprinkled with fairy dust and fly away thinking of good things
And get caught up in Micky Mouse's antics.

Even though it would be fun to do all the things detailed avove
At least with movies, I've found it's more fun to watch than take part
And as so many characters are close to my heart
It's nice to know that they've lasted this long and will keep on being enjoyed
For so many generations to come! 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Music to feel better!

One of my good friends is feeling under the weather and it got me thinking about music and how it can help people feel better So if you're feeling not so great yourself here are some songs I hope will make you feel a bit better :)

  • A Spoonful of Sugar (helps the medicine go down) -The song just seems to fit (listen here).
  • Splish Splash: I don't know what it is, but sometimes when I'm sick taking a bath/shower makes me feel human again ( listen)
  • Happy-It never ceases to make me smile and happiness seems like a good a cure as any (click to listen).
  • You've got a friend in me-I've found having friends visit when I'm sick has helped me feel better (listen here).
  •  I Will Survive-People can survive so much which is why I have a lot of faith in humanity. On a personal level, this song somehow reaffirms my belief that I can get through things no matter what might happen  (listen here).

Friday, April 25, 2014

It's Penguin Awareness Day!

One of my favorite animals is the penguin and as it's Penguin awareness day I thought I'd celebrate what I like best about this particular breed of animals. I like the fact that some penguins such as Royal Penguins stay with one partner for life I also like how the male and female penguins both take turns in raising their young. Plus they just seem so warm and cuddly. Although I have to admit if I were confronted with a real penguin I'd be intimidated because they can get very tall. Nevertheless, I think it's nice that male and female penguins commit to each other like that Perhaps even penguins know what love is.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Road Trip!

Today in 1908 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Murdock became the first people to travel across the US (from Los Angeles) it took them 32 days 5 hours and 25 minutes.The idea that they traveled so far together reminded me of long car trips my family/parents have taken. Some include:
  • When my brother, my sister and I were young my mum took us on a road trip to see my dad's parents in Florida She drove us all the way from Michigan to Florida all by herself. (My dad couldn't get time off from work.) The things I remember about that trip was that we must have stopped at every single Waffle House between Michigan and Florida (My siblings and I liked waffles and Waffle Houses seemed to be everywhere.) Waffle Houses are fun. My mum did the trip in 2 days, stopping in Tennessee to sleep in a hotel. When we got there the guy at the hotel counter took one look at my mum's exhausted face and offered to park her car for her. I realize this is standard for hotels but it was the way he did it that was nice. 
  •  On a car trip from Toronto back to Michigan I started reading this book to my parents that was written by Gerald Durrell and it was so funny that my mum had to ask me to stop reading it to her because she was laughing so hard she was afraid she'd have a car crash. The book was called Birds, Beasts, and Relatives. In any case laughter makes car trips seem shorter.
  • Once my family were all going to a wedding in Poland and we got very lost trying to get to our hotel. While I knew some Spanish my mum was really the only one person in the car that spoke German and French and a little Spanish too so she became our translator by default in trying to ask for directions. That day it seemed we couldn't find a soul who spoke anything but Polish until finally, in this really rural part of Poland we found a woman who spoke a little Spanish and told us where to go and we found the hotel. It was an experience!
  • My dad loves driving as he used to work for McLaren racing company so he was also a very good driver. Once when we were in Cornwall England we had to get our rental car up this very narrow hill. He managed to get the car up there with an inch to spare between the houses on either side of the road We got up the road safely but we didn't take the car out again until the day we left to go back to the airport. I never forgot it because it showed me that my dad wouldn't let anything stop him and we shouldn't either. 
 As you can see, I've learned a lot from car trips and they have largely been fun experiences. What I like most about them is that they always seemed like an adventure. They prove that the journey can be just as fun and interesting as the destination. Although it is nice to get to the destination in the end because at the end of long car trips I have to admit I ultimately can't wait to get out of the car and going back I can't wait to get home because there's no place like it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shakespeare becomes a Globe trotter

I heard on the radio today that because it's supposed to be 450 years since Shakespeare was born, a troupe of actors from the Globe Theatre in London, UK  has decided they are going to put on a performance of Hamlet in every country in the world. I think it's a pretty cool idea as I've seen the play live once in the UK (not at the Globe-it was a Shakespeare in the Park performance) and it was fun!  The night my family  went to see Hamlet outdoors was interesting because there's a part in the play that's supposed to take place in a rainstorm and right at the appropriate moment it did actually start raining -but it didn't rain for very long so it wasn't bad. (Yay for natural special effects!) I think theater like any form of art should be shared and I think one of the cool things about Shakespeare is that so many people can relate to his plays.

The other reason I've been attracted to world tours in general is because of this blog funnily enough. It's been my goal for a while now to try and get at least one person on every continent to read my blog. Since I think getting someone to read it in Antarctica would be the most difficult,  I'm hoping (and I plan on finding a way to write to them) that maybe I can get someone in the troupe to read my blog when they're in Antarctica. I'm not sure how likely it is to have that happen but if it does, then even though I may not have been born great or have greatness thrust upon me, I know I will feel  great if one of these actors reads my blog while in Antarctica.

Regardless of what happens here's some good advice courtesy of the Bard

"..Lay aside life-harming heaviness, And entertain a cheerful disposition."-  From King Richard II-- Act 2 Scene 2

To read more about the world tour click here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

It's Earth Day and I want to take this opportunity to celebrate our planet by paying tribute to the one poinsettia plant I've managed to keep alive for 2 whole years! It's an accomplishment for me because I'm not known to keep plants alive for such an extended period of time. So this plant is my official attempt to do something good for the earth. While I may kill loads of other trees when I have to print off stuff and I may leave the light on thus draining the planet of some of its energy, I have at the very least managed to preserve some (albeit very small) part of the globe. Although the planet no longer shows flowers it still looks fairly healthy which makes me happy! Maybe I'll get really adventurous and start keeping more planets and try and keep them alive for longer than 2 years just to break my own record So hears to the earth and a very HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hooray for the Boston Marathon runners

I want to take this opportunity to root for everyone who ran/participated the Boston Marathon just because I think just finishing the race is a wonderful accomplishment and because I think they're all very brave. I know from my time in track and field that it takes a lot of effort both physical and mental to run a distance. Plus, I think sports like marathons are places where people come together, put aside any differences they have and just compete for the pure joy of putting forth a lot of effort to win something good. In my eyes just finishing is winning because finishing means that people don't give up no matter how hard things might be. I think having that spirit is especially important this year because it shows that nothing can really stamp out that spirit. So I salute everyone who ran today as I'm so proud of all of them and it was a privilege to watch them all. I'm proud of them because they remind me how great it is to be resilient and I resolve to live by that example. While Boston showed that it is and will always be strong, everyone who ran showed so much strength today and I hope they keep on running and finishing every race.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter memories

It's Easter again
And I'm reminded of days past
When hunting for eggs was fun
As was eating the chocolate in them too
Somehow I liked believing that a bunny left it for me

I remember because my birthday was by Easter
My dad dressed up as a chicken
(The costume shop had run out of rabbit costumes)
What I like most about the story is he was willing to suffer a few kids chasing him
To make me laugh and make my birthday happy too

I remember big dinners with my family
And funny cards and maybe church too
I liked getting all dressed up for that
It's always nice to look all shiny and cool
After all Easter is about making things new

What I remember most about Easters
Is that like many holidays, it's a day about love and friends and family
And because if you're reading this I count you as a friend
If you celebrate Easter I hope it's been a happy one
And that it included a chocolate egg or two!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The adult and child in me

Now that I'm an "adult"
I can eat popcorn for dinner just for the heck of it!
And stay up til past 11 wow!
I finally got my ears pierced (at a tattoo parlor no less)!
Even though I didn't get a tattoo
Just the idea I got it done there makes me feel rebellious too.

I'm  so excited about all that but not quite sure why
All I know is it's I like to think I have a rebellious streak albeit tamer than most
But that streak has helped me do things and have more adventures
Than I ever thought I would
But there's also a part of me that can't help growing older
And maybe that balances me out

The part of me that's older
Does like to go to bed early and eat healthly
And I really respect my parents for emphasizing the value of those things to me
The older part of me just wants to work hard and be good and make them proud
That part quiets the rebellious me because if I have all the fun at once
There's less left for me to to look forward to in times to come

So the older and the younger part of me fit together rather nicely
And I hope I stay both young and old as long as need be
The little girl in me helps me to see the fun in life and grab it
And the older part of me helps to keep me balanced
I can still be a rebel with my feet on the ground
And because at least today I want to be good, I'm going to bed now!

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Good (and funny) Friday

Ok, so  I know Good Friday is a day to remember Jesus' passing and saving everyone while he was at it. This post is in no way meant to laugh at his many sacrifices, I just think it's good to laugh and if anyone wants people to be happy, it's someone who believes in the good that people have inside them. I like to think He had a sense of humor too even if his jokes weren't recorded in the Good Book. So in his honor and because I believe laughter is good for everyone, here is a Good Friday joke:

TGIF....Thank God It's Friday.....Please Do!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A high five to boost morale

The place where I work has an official morale committee made up of people (as its name suggests) that are totally dedicating to making everyone in my office feel good! Today these wonderful people came round the office and started giving high fives to people. I don't know why but it did make me feel good. There's nothing like a feeling of belonging somewhere to boost morale It's so funny to me that a clap of a hand on someone else's hand will do that. So I give a virtual high five to everyone in the hope that it lifts your spirit as high as possible!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An unexpected gift

Today I was at a friend's house when she noticed that some of her daffodils had been blown over because of the strong winds we've been having recently. to save them she gathered up the ones that were still in good shape and tied them together with a piece of string. I fully expected she'd bring them into her house and set them on her kitchen table. Instead, all of a sudden she turned around and gave them to me. I was really touched because like I said, she could have enjoyed flowers in her home but instead she chose to spread the happiness and give some to me. I think the best gifts are unexpected surprises because they should be as it's more fun that way. Plus, they help me to be hopeful for the next good things that will come in the future. For now, the flowers my friend gave me made my day better and made me feel good inside. It's a very happy ending to my day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


April 15th marks the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings last year. I like the fact that the slogan associated with the day is Boston Strong. I believe experiences, both good and bad, have made me stronger. With something that's difficult I feel like in getting through difficult things I've learned that I can get through them and that I can face whatever it is that may come next. Even if it's harder than what came before. I try hard to think of the good things that have happened, things like the hugs I've received and the love I've been given throughout my life sustain me. I think everyone has so much strength and that it helps people carry on through life and through everything it brings. That's what I love about people-their strength is contagious and I've learned from their example. I feel proud that I have strength in me and I'm proud that I'm part of Boston as Boston is Strong!

Monday, April 14, 2014

A ray of sunshine!

I know that at some point this summer I'll probably wish that it wasn't so hot but today it was sunny and 70 for the first time in a while! Hooray for spring! Yes it might get colder, but today was like a nice little gift and it's always nice to see the sun and feel warm again outside. To celebrate the occasion I decided to get all dressed up and looking pretty because I felt like if today was going to be a nice day I should look nice on that day too. I've decided right here, right now, that even if and when it gets ruddy hot, at the very least I'll be glad that the sun is out because I feel like I can always do with a bit more light in my life, no matter the circumstances.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy birthday to my mother

It's  my mum's birthday and I thought the world should know about how great she is! Some things to love about my mum:
  • No matter how busy she is, she's never too busy to talk to me on the phone.
  • Her banana bread recipe has never failed to impress people as it's soo good.
  • She's taught me how to face difficult things and laugh at them.
  • She's taught me to always listen to people's speeches, even if I don't agree with them, I can't really state my opinion unless I know where the other person is coming from. 
  • She's taught me that sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit but under the right circumstances it can make situations pretty funny.
  • She has a great sense of style and a knack for picking clothes out that she knows will look pretty good on people. 
  • Even if she may not be feeling well she does her best to make others feel good regardless.
  • She plans really fun vacations and they always promise to be an adventure!
  • She is willing to go above and beyond to learn even more about since, math, communication theories and more to help her kids with homework.
  • She's always put family and her children first before anything else. Maybe it's cliche and maybe people think it's part of the description of being a mother but I think it's admirable!
Most of all I love my mum because she is my mum!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Best hug day 4/12/14

Today as promised I held yet another hug event where I stood out with a group of good friends at Copley Square and gave hugs to people who wanted them. It was so  much fun and it felt like time flew by. Even if we didn't hug everyone we saw, at least everyone smiled when we asked them. I just think it's nice to see people happy and the idea that I might have helped them feel good, was the best birthday present I could ever ask for. Since love is the best gift I can give anybody it's the birthday gift I gave back to Boston as I love this city very much.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Second Advertisement for my most Excellent Hug Event!

Tomorrow if you are in Boston, MA and wish to be hugged please stop by the space by the Prudential Center in front the Gucci store on Boylston St. in Boston between the hours of 1 and 3PM (or possibly longer if we feel like it) and you will be given a hug! Even if you don't feel like coming please make a point of hugging someone you care about at some point tomorrow. Somehow, strangely the idea that people are getting hugged somewhere even if it isn't by me, means a lot to me. So my message here is: keep spreading the love but especially tomorrow!!! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 reasons why this birthday was great!!

It's my birthday and although every birthday has been reasonably happy for me, this year was especially so. Here are some reasons why:
  • I spent the day surrounded by really great friends!
  • One of my friends came all the way from Chicago to visit me for 4 days!
  • I went to Salem, MA with a good friend and we saw a guy who was trying to take a picture by a statue and we stopped and helped him take it. When he found out it was my birthday he gave me this big hug and proclaimed that I couldn't be more than 21 years old. It was great! Especially the hug!
  • My friend and I went on a free walking tour of Salem and we learned all about its shipping history which was a lot of fun!
  • I got to ride on a train again which is somehow always fun for me.
  • My friend bought me a mug of hot chocolate with lot of whipped cream which was very excellent tasting!
  • My friends gave me a coin purse with "Free Hugs" on it (see below). It's also made out of recycled material. I love it soo much!
  • My parent sent me a picture they got framed that was taken when my family and I went on vacation, it was like a little piece of home!
  •  I had a lovely dinner at a really nice restaurant with some great friends. The food was delicious and the friends were a lot of fun to be with and much laughter was involved! It was fantastic!
  • I got a lot of lovely cards in the mail! I love mail!
I believe birthdays should always be happy so if it was your birthday today as well I hope it was really great and I wish you the very best! Happy Birthday! Feliz CumpleaƱos! Bon Anniversaire!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A visit to the pinkness of the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has an exhibit of pinkness (e.g. pink dresses). The exhibit made me feel good because I like dressing up and looking pretty. It was fun to think of what it would look like wearing the dress. Yes, it's true I didn't get to try them on but I like the idea that someone wore them and I can imagine them feeling really good and stylish in them. There's something that makes me fee really happy when I get all dressed up like that. Anyway, if you'd like to go and see the exhibit it's on until May 26th. See pictures below. Somehow I think as long as you're comfortable and feel good about what you're wearing you'll look mahvelous dahling, simply mahvelous!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


One of my really good friends is coming to visit and I'm super excited! Having visitors is always fun for me. I like finding fun things to do with them that I might not do ordinarily. Plus, each visitor brings a little bit of home or a bit of the places where I met them, which were rather happy places and times in my life. Most of all I'm really glad my friend had/made the time to come visit when she lives quite a distance from me. So hooray for visitors because they're FUN!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Billie Holiday!

Billie Holiday was born today in 1915 and I felt like celebrating the anniversary of her birth because 1) she was a great singer and 2) because whenever I listen to her music I feel all sophisticated and stylish. So in the hope that it will make you feel stylish and sophisticated too, below is a song she sang that I like a lot-it's called "When You're Smiling." I don't think the song was actually written by her but she sings it beautifully and I like it. As the song says, when you smile the whole world smiles with you, so keep on smiling!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I've refused to put away 1 childish thing

I know that it is said that a mark of becoming an "adult" is to put away childish things. However, the rebellious streak in me has decided not to do so entirely. I figure if you have to grow old in years you can still always be young at heart. So I've kept a soft toy monkey. I keep it so that when I'm home at the end of a long day and I feel the need to hug something and at that moment there isn't a person around to hug, I can  give the monkey a small squeeze and feel good inside. I like that sense of comfort. I hope everyone feels a sense of comfort, whether they get that feeling from a person, pet or toy because everyone deserves to feel good inside.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to the tough Gregory Peck!

"Tough times don't last, tough people do, remember?"  Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck, the actor famous for his role as Atticus Finch in the  movie To Kill a Mockingbird was born today in 1916. I like what he said about toughness it makes the idea of tough times seem not so bad. Somehow people always get through them and I like that there's that bit of toughness in all of us. So I celebrate the anniversary of Gregory Peck's birth by celebrating people's resilience!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Maya Angelou

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."-Maya Angelou

I hope everyone has loads of breathtaking moments because I think life is full of so many beautiful things, big and small and it's just a matter of finding them! I think the earliest "take your breath away" moment that I can remember is riding in my dad's  TR3 car with the wind whipping through my hair  It felt like flying! So here's to very happy and beautiful sights and moments and of course a very happy birthday to Maya Angelou!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Everyone matters to me!

I saw this organization called Everyone Matters ( and they have declared April 2nd as Everyone Matters Day. The organization's mission is: "Raising awareness that EVERYONE is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be allowed to be exactly who they are – including ourselves." 

I really identify with this mission because I have a lot of respect for people and the goodness I see in humanity on a daily basis. I've come to see how there is greatness in everyone which is yet another reason why I believe everyone deserves to be appreciated. .I started writing this blog because I want people to feel even more appreciated and happy. It really all started with a string of e-mails. At one time,  a friend of mine was really down because although she works very hard and for long hours, she felt like no one appreciated or respected her at workplace. I started writing her e-mails on a regular basis to show her how she's a great person and has so much to offer and even if it's not always recognized at her workplace, it's recognized by me and all her friends. These messages seemed to help my friend feel good and so I thought if it helped her, then happy messages might help others as well. 

I write this blog and I'll continue to write in it because people matter to me very much.  To those who read this, I  send you my best wishes and dedicate this quote to you that I  like a lot:

 “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An appeal to all those who enjoy hugging and being hugged

My birthday is coming up and for it I would like to do something a little bit out of the ordinary! I want to restart up my Need a Hug? campaign.  It basically involves going out and giving hugs to anyone who wants one. to celebrate my birthday. I'd like to do the Need A Hug? event on April 12th from 1-3 PM or whenever we feel like stopping. I'd do it in the open space outside the Prudential Center's Gucci store on Boylston Street in Boston. 

I started doing this for my birthday in 2010 based off a campaign I saw in a Youtube video (see below). Although the event in the video is called "Free Hugs" I named my event Need a Hug just to be different.  That year my friends and I gave hugs for 3 hours! It really seemed to mean a lot to people. One guy came up to us and thanked us "for being human in this concrete jungle." Another woman came up and said she'd quit smoking that week and was feeling rotten and being hugged by us made her feel better. In short, we got such a great response that I did the event again in 2011 and 2012 . It's really fun and I had a blast the times that I've done it. (The only reason I didn't do it last year was because I wasn't good about advance planning it. If you'd like to participate by giving hugs please let me know by commenting on this post. Or if you'd like to be hugged please stop by the Prudential between 1 and 3PM on the 12th. I want to get a lot of people involved!

I figure birthdays are days to be happy and to see people smile and feel loved would be the best birthday present ever! So it would mean a lot to me if you could help by spreading the word about this event if you know people in Boston who might be interested! Thanks ever so much!