Monday, November 17, 2014

A lovely dinner out

I just came back from having dinner with some friends. It's been  a while since I last saw them and it was just nice to sit and talk with them and to see how they've been. I find that when I go and visit friends I haven't seen in a while,  it makes me feel the way I feel when I come home to my family because my friends are like family to me. When I was younger (and still when I go home to see my family) we always at least ate dinner together. It was a time when we could share what happened each day and talk about things  we felt were fun and/or important. I think it brought us closer together in the same way that I feel closer to my friends. I hope everyone has someone to share a meal with even if it's just one meal every day. I just think eating feels better when you're in the company of someone else, especially if you're among people you love.

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