Thursday, November 20, 2014

Celebrating kdis

In 1954 the UN declared November 20th as Universal Children's Day which is a day to celebrate "fraternity and understanding between children." It got me thinking about the great things about kids and how those things should be celebrated!

  1. Kids have imagination! They show it through art and the way they play and can be so darn creative it's almost sickening!
  2. They aren't known for hiding their feelings. I suppose this can be a good and bad thing but sometimes I feel like in letting their feelings out somehow kids seem healthier.
  3. As much as they may not seem to listen sometimes, I think kids really do listen and learn from what people say.
  4. They have so much energy! Ok so maybe it's too much of a good thing but still, to be that full of life is a nice thing in my mind. 
  5. There's nothing happier than a happy kid! 

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