Saturday, November 22, 2014

Songs to take your worries away

When I'm feeling a bit stressed I sometimes find music to be very helpful. In an attempt to help lessen stress here are some songs I like to listen to.

  • Don't Worry Be Happy-Bobby McFerrin-it's more fun to be happy! (listen here.)
  • Don't You Worry Bout A Thing-Stevie Wonder -it makes me feel like dancing and when I dance I find I can't really worry about anything at all. (listen here).
  • The Remedy-Jason Mraz-I can't worry when I listen to this song! (listen here.)
  • Hushabye Mountain-(from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-sung by Dick Van Dyke.) Not only is this song about helping people go to sleep by helping ease their troubles away but this song has special meaning for me. It somehow reminds me of my home and my family and how they love me and I love them. That love is something I know I'll never need to worry about, as it's something I'll always have. (listen here.)
  • I Have Confidence (from the Sound of Music -as sung by Julie Andrews)-I find the more confident I feel the less worried I feel. (listen here.)

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