Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thought Processes

I loved cartoons as a kid (still do in fact.) What I like best about cartoons in the newspapers was the little thought  bubbles that were drawn above the character's heads. I think those were the funniest parts of the jokes. So if I had a thought bubble here are some of the slightly more amusing thought processes

This morning on getting up

Thought One-My bed is so comfortable-don't want to get up!
Thought 2-Alarm must stop! Alarm must stop!
Thought 3-Must get up-have work and I really like my job!
Thought 4-But my bed is so comfortable-don't wanna get up!
Thought 6-If I get up I can make hot chocolate-yum.
Thought 7-Am up, too many reasons to get up and not enough reasons to stay in bed

Last week on going to the store to get baking supplies

Thought 1-I feel like baking
Thought 2-I know I'll make cupcakes -exciting!
Thought 3-But I want cake
Thought 4-wait-and of course this is just occurring to me-cupcakes are just little cakes in those shiny paper cup thingys.
Thought 5-Ok here are the cake mixes: chocolate, vanilla, angel food cake, lemon cake, there are too many choices it's stressing me out!
Thought 6-Oh fine I'll just make cookies-have stuff to do that at home anyway. Going to the store wasn't a total loss -I got to read those newspapers that tells you when the world's going to end!

On going to the gym when it's raining

Thought 1-I need to go to the gym
Thought 2-But it's raining, cold, and nasty
Thought 3-Gym is heated
Thought 4-yes but I have to go out in the cold to get to it.
Thought 5-I'll feel better if I go
(After coming back from the gym)
Thought 6-Even though I'm tired and wet, I strangely have more energy now.
Thought 7-Must blog about it! Why? Because I want to and I can!

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