Friday, November 28, 2014

Since it's Black Friday....

Since it's Black Friday I thought I'd take the opportunity to make a list of the more fun things I'd buy if I had unlimited resources. I asked my sister for advice on what should be on the list and this is what we came up with:

•A parrot- to teach it to say funny stuff
•A fart pillow-just to say we have one!
•A puppy (providing it's already house trained.)
•A disco ball-very good for dancing!
•A lava lamp- I've wanted one for a while just so when I'm tired at night I can stare at the lava stuff going up and down until I fall asleep.
•Flowers because they're pretty!
•Really awesome sexy black boots just to look/ feel fabulous in!
•Enough granola bars to give one to every homeless person just because.
•A library- I love books and I'd make it public because books should be shared.
•A trampoline- It takes me back to when I was really young. I still like to jump around!

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