Saturday, November 8, 2014

Something to talk about

I really like the song Something to Talk About because it's fun, edgy and love is definitely something to talk about. I've found that people either want their love to be something everyone knows about or they want it to be a private thing and I do understand that point of view.  However, I think I fall in the category of wanting everyone to know I love them. One of the things that really irritates me (along with war, peas, and jars that are really hard to open,)  is movies where people wish they'd told someone they loved them just at the point when it suddenly too late to tell them. I was so irritated by that that I resolved to tell people I love them so that when I kick the bucket people will be extremely sure that I loved them very much. In short I resolved to love loudly if only so that anyone who wants to can talk about it!

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