Monday, November 24, 2014

Just because I can-here's a shout out to my friend Olivia for winning a prize for her movie

I'm proud that I have a friend called Olivia Richard who was recently in an award winning film about how she receives services as a person dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid in Massachusetts (the state has been implementing a demonstration program that streamlines Medicare and Medicaid services into one program so people who are eligible for both programs get the services they need in a more manageable way.) I liked the movie because it showed how getting the services she needed to live an even more active and full life revolutionized her life. Seeing people getting the tools they need to live happily makes my soul feel good. Olivia brings a lot of fun and joy (and angst of course) wherever she goes and I'm just very glad that she can spread it even farther because she has the support services she needs. I'm glad her film won a prize because I think being able to live a full life is something that should be celebrated. To me it's the ultimate award. I'm so happy for Olivia-Congratulations! If you want to watch her video click here:

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