Saturday, November 15, 2014

A lovely Saturday out

I rather like outdoor markets and so my roommate was shocked when I told her I'd never been to an outdoor market by the Haymarket "T" stop where there is lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and fun people. I felt like haggling with them like they do in movies but I restrained myself. I got some lovely fruits and vegetables. Then we went to Target which is actually a strangely exciting place to me for some reason. We got a small Christmas tree (with blue lights!) and trail mix which is something I can't seem to do without (not to eat it all at once of course, it's just nice to know I have it when I want it.) Then we had a lovely lunch and it was just I hope that whoever you are you find simple things to do that make you feel good inside. Life should be fun and I plan to enjoy it even more as it goes along!

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