Sunday, November 30, 2014

Songs that are meant to inspire action

If you've read any of the posts on this blog you'll know that I love music. I especially like music that might inspire people to take some action for a cause that is good.  I started thinking about that because I saw a music video for a song by Matt Nathanson called "Headphones." Nathanson had gone to Peru to help a charity give out hearing aids to people in need. I like it when people can use their star power to do something good for someone else and bring attention to things that are really important. For your viewing pleasure here are some videos that make me want to stand up and do something good! (Below is the video from Matt Nathanson)

I also found this video by Sarah McLachlan for her song "World on Fire" in which she shows how the  money that would have gone to making the video went to various service projects throughout the world. I just think it's really nice that so many could be helped by those projects.

Finally, I also like this protest song by Sting called "They Dance Alone." It's about a group of women who protested the disappearance of their children by the Chilean government by dancing the Cueca (Chile's national dance) while holding photos of their disappeared loved ones. I liked how Sting recognized the women on stage and danced with each one of them. It shows how even doing things like dancing to protest injustice can have an impact. At the very least the voices of these women were heard and people remember them for this. I'm just glad there's a song to commemorate how brave they are.

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